Edwardian Inspired Locket Necklace Etched Pendant -

Edwardian Inspired Locket Necklace Etched Pendant - "For Susan"

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This Edwardian inspired locket necklace is so feminine and regal! One side of the locket has been hand painted in a dark cobalt blue and the other side is antiqued brass, so you can wear the more colorful side when you're needing to add a subtle amount of color to your wardrobe, or you can wear it on the antiqued brass side when you feel more like a "Plain Jane," which isn't a bad thing! This necklace is finished off with vintage copper and silver chain that brings a lovely mix of old and new to this piece. 

A very versatile necklace where you can wear it with a white blouse and your favorite jeans, or it can be the perfect finishing touch with a shirt dress and leggings. 


The length of the necklace on the model is 32", but if you would like the chain to be extended or shortened, please let me know your desired length and I can set up a separate listing for you. 

Prices of varied chain length are as follows:

24" ~ $38.00

26" ~ $38.50

28" ~ $39.00

30" ~ $39.50

32" ~ $40.00

33" ~ $41.25

34" ~ $41.50